Tips For Cycling Race Beginners

If you’re a beginner cyclist and you want to participate in a challenging race, then it’s important to know how to race well. Cycling is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, but when it comes to competitive racing, performing well is all that matters. In this article, we will discuss vital tips every beginner cyclist should keep in mind for optimum performance. Using these tips not only guarantees an outstanding performance, it also ensures that you won’t experience any problems along the way.


Don’t Race on a Full Stomach



When you’re getting ready for the race, ensure that 2-3 hrs before the race so that you’re not on a full stomach. Not being overly full gives your diaphragm more space to function during the respiration process. This allows your lungs to fill with oxygen 100% and helps the heart to send more blood to your muscles when racing. Also, more blood will flow to your legs instead of moving to the food digestion process.

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Warm Up Before the Race


Another crucial tip is warming up before the race. Warm up for around 30 or 40 minutes on a biker roller or trainer until 20 minutes to the start time. This dilates your circulatory system in preparation for the race. The arteries delivering blood to your legs need to be maximumly stretched to match the volume of blood that will be pumped to your legs once the race starts.


Ensure that Your Body is Well-Hydrated


Being on top of your water intake is very important. If you neglect this, you’re going to perform poorly due to the lack of energy. The number one cause for cyclists to give up on a race is dehydration. Carry enough water to keep you hydrated all through the race.


Check Your Bike’s Condition Before the Race


Some cyclists do not pay attention to the condition of their bikes before the race and end up crashing. Since you’ll be participating in a race and not for fun, check and recheck everything to ensure that your bike is in excellent condition. The seat, paddles, seat, wheels and other vital parts should be functioning well. By doing this, you’ll avoid crashing before making it to the finish line.


Keep in mind these vital tips and you’ll have a stress-free, enjoyable racing competition. Have a good mental attitude, be determined and enjoy the race to bring out your best performance.